My philosophy is that taking a vacation is an investment.

It’s an investment that will increase your productivity if you’re in a growth mindset.

As a rule, vacations are a time of year to recharge your batteries. Now, I know I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know. However, many will say they’re too busy to take time out of the office or that they can’t afford to pay for a quick getaway.
It’s important to take the time to stop. It all begins with choosing a date and writing it in your calendar. The question of whether to spend vacation time at home or away is not important; what IS important is to make time for ourselves.

Like New Year’s Day, vacations give us a chance to make and keep resolutions that will have a positive impact on our everyday life. Let’s face it. It’s not always easy to maintain a resolution made at the beginning of the year when the weather is cold and dreary.
The exact moment when our brain begins to think of things other than the daily grind is when we are in « vacation mode ».It’s a time to reflect on our personal situation and our goals. In order to increase our productivity, we have to allow ourselves to adjust something in our universe (in our routine), in order to perform a new action that will transform into results.

When on vacation, allow yourself to discover something new. Whether it’s by reading a book, discovering a new restaurant close by, taking part in a new activity or travelling with friends and family, this discovery will hopefully encourage you to do something new, to learn more about a particular topic or place, to make an important decision and, who knows, maybe even adopt new habits.
All of this will have a positive impact and will increase productivity levels once you return to work.37238903 1230229307153141 2400920081769955328 oFinally, great vacation memories are not forgotten. Never mind physical souvenirs that collect dust. Special moments will remain engraved in our brain and will encourage us to improve our situation and our productivity in order to experience many more things in the future.